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Iggy Azalea slams streaming

Iggy Azalea has blamed streaming for her new album, 'In My Defense', flopping after it debuted at #50 in the US charts.

Iggy Azalea slams streaming


Iggy Azalea blames streaming for her album flop.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker admitted she was feeling "defeated" after her LP 'In My Defense' failed to do well in the US charts, debuting at #50.

She wrote on Twitter: "I think sometimes I feel defeated because I look at the chart and see how much streaming impacts it, and think, 'How can I win when I'm up against THAT?' But I also feel like: 'Okay, and?' There are two options. Quit. Or shut up and just keep fighting. So I'll keep on fighting! (sic)"

Iggy had previously insisted she "doesn't give a f**k" if just 42 people buy her new album.

Asked by a fan if she's excited for the album to be out in the world, she replied on Twitter: "Yes & I just want to say now, I don't give a f**k if only 42 ppl buy it. All 42 of y'all getting another album next year. I'm not stoppingggg (sic)"

And Iggy feels she is "outspoken" through her music and channelled that through with her latest offering, 'In My Defense'.

She said: "I thought it was reminiscent of my life because I feel like I'm always defending myself, whether it's on the internet or the person that everybody thinks they know a lot of information about so this kind of might be the perfect title for my album. I'm always very outspoken; people don't doubt that about me but I usually like to do all of my speaking on the internet and have a bit of a ramble but I think it's good to put it all into your music, which is what I did this time around and it has worked quite well."

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