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Iggy Azalea hits back at trolls

'Fancy' hitmaker Iggy Azalea has hit back at trolls who claimed she is "not working hard enough".

Iggy Azalea hits back at trolls


Iggy Azalea has slammed trolls for suggesting she's "not working hard enough".

The 29-year-old rapper has taken to Twitter to defend herself for working quietly on a new project, after people mistook her recent silence for "a hiatus".

She tweeted: "Why do people think I'm taking a hiatus when I'm just working on a new project like I'm supposed to be? Y'all weird. (sic)"

Iggy last released music in December with her EP 'Wicked Lips', and she is now focusing on one project, with a few other ideas still up her sleeve.

An online fan commented that Iggy "always posted on social" during her previous projects.

And the blonde beauty replied: "True, I have in the past but that's why I'm not now.

"It's better to show 1 finished idea than speak about 101ideas aloud and have ppl disappointed you didn't follow through on all 101 of them (sic)"

The 'Fancy' hitmaker's comments come after she let fans know she'll be laying low for a while, saying she needs time to "create great concepts" for her future releases.

Iggy cryptically posted on Twitter: "When I'm back: you'll know.

"And I will be back. (sic)"

And after a fan said they'd be happy to wait for her, Iggy added: "Thankyou.

"this time away is needed so I can create great concepts etc.

"I haven't forgotten you all. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Iggy announced in December that she'd split from her boyfriend Playboy Carti.

The chart-topping rapper originally posted a simple message on Instagram saying "I'm single", before later following it up with a more detailed post.

She wrote: "I need to make an apology. It's not my character to put out whatever business I go through in my private life on the internet for the world to comment on. I felt very upset and I made an impulse choice that I immediately regretted, but it was too late to undo.

"The truth is that I love Jordan very much, I always will - more than you could ever know. That's all in the world should ever need to hear and I am sorry for making something public that should always remain between him & I no matter what. (sic)"

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