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Harry Styles calls for equality

Harry Styles wants "everyone" to be "loved and equal", as he admits he isn't always "super-outspoken" about social issues.

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Harry Styles calls for equality


Harry Styles wants "everyone" to be "loved and equal".

The 25-year-old singer has admitted he's "not always super-outspoken" when it comes to social issues such as the issues facing the LGBTQ community, but has said the "choices" he makes - such as choosing queer girl band MUNA as his opening act on tour - show how he feels about certain topics.

Harry - who has never publicly defined his own sexuality - told re-launched magazine The Face: "I get a lot of ... I'm not always super-out­spo­ken. But I think it's very clear from choic­es that I make that I feel a cer­tain way about lots of things. I don't know how to describe it. I guess I'm not ... I want every­one to feel wel­come at shows and online. They want to be loved and equal, you know? I'm nev­er unsup­port­ed, so it feels weird for me to over­think it for some­one else."

Although the One Direction star doesn't like to define his own sexuality, he also doesn't consider himself to be "sexy" in anyone's eyes, regardless of gender.

He added: "The word 'sexy' sounds so strange com­ing out of my mouth. So I would say that that's prob­a­bly why I would not con­sid­er myself sexy."

The 'Sign of the Times' hitmaker has previously admitted he "never really started to label" his sexuality, but has been seen on stage brandishing Pride flags on multiple occasions.

Speaking about Harry, Josette Maskin, a member of MUNA, told The Face: "In the posi­tion that he's in, he can't real­ly say a lot, but he chose a queer girl band to open for him and I think that speaks vol­umes."

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