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Hailey Bieber knew something was up with Justin

Hailey Bieber reportedly knew something was wrong with her husband Justin - who is currently seeking counselling - because he was sleeping more than usual.

Hailey Bieber knew something was up with Justin


Hailey Bieber knew something was up with her husband Justin.

The 22-year-old model thought something was wrong with the 'As Long As You Love Me' singer - who is currently undergoing counselling - because he was sleeping more than he used to.

A source told Entertainment Tonight: "One of the reasons Hailey knew he needed more help was his sleep patterns. He's been sleeping far more than usual, and struggles to get out of bed until very late into the morning or early afternoon. It's very hard for Hailey to watch him suffer with the depression. She's been nothing but a good support system for him but she knows she isn't a professional, and steady therapy is exactly what he needs. She loves him dearly and hates to see him in pain. She just wants him to be at his healthiest so she pushed him to get steady help and he hasn't resisted."

It was previously revealed that Justin is using counselling to help him "figure out his next chapter".

An insider shared: "His emotions are raw, but he knows that his counselling - however painful - is what he needs as he moves forward with his life.

"He's feeling very positive that he's uncovering some root issues, and everyone is optimistic that this will help him figure out his next chapter. He's going to be a dad someday, and he knows that could happen sooner rather than later. [He wants to be sure] that he's got his act together."

Justin had opened up about how becoming so famous at such a young age had a negative effect on his mental health.

He shared: "I started really feeling myself too much. 'People love me, I'm the s**t,' that's honestly what I thought. I got very arrogant and cocky. I was wearing sunglasses inside ... I found myself doing things that I was so ashamed of, being super-promiscuous and stuff, and I think I used Xanax because I was so ashamed."

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