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Glenn Close wants to ignore her Oscars buzz

Glenn Close has admitted she is desperately trying to ignore the Oscars buzz surrounding her.

Glenn Close wants to ignore her Oscars buzz


Glenn Close is trying to ignore her Oscars buzz.

The 71-year-old star has been tipped to win the Best Actress gong at this year's Academy Awards for her starring role in 'The Wife', but she is trying to avoid the speculation.

Glenn - who has never won an Oscar despite being nominated six times - shared: "Oh, I daren't even go there.

"I've survived all this time just being at the party, and I've loved it. Most people sweat over whether they'll actually win, but I've never felt that. I think I'll be incredibly nervous when they open the envelope, but only because so many people will be disappointed if I don't win.

"A lot of them already think I've got an Oscar. If I do lose, I want to look at the camera and reassure everyone: 'I'm OK.'"

Glenn explained that regardless of whether she wins or not, this year's Oscars won't be as dramatic as her experience in 1988, when she was nominated for her performance in 'Fatal Attraction'.

The Hollywood star - whose daughter is 30-year-old actress Annie Starke - was heavily pregnant at the time and she attended the glitzy ceremony alongside her obstetrician and his wife.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Glenn recalled: "I had broken my ankle, too, so I had an ankle brace and a cane.

"We were late, there was terrible traffic and we had to get out of the limo and run through the parking lot, and I had lost an earring, so someone had to go back and find it.

"When Michael Douglas and I came out to present an award, everyone started laughing at the fact that I was hugely pregnant, because in 'Fatal Attraction', of course, I keep telling him: 'I'm going to have your baby!'"

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