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Geri Horner wants to find a balance as a working mum

Proud parent Geri Horner has admitted she is always trying to strike a balance in her life as a "working mother".

Geri Horner wants to find a balance as a working mum


Geri Horner is constantly trying to find a balance in her life as a "working mother".

The Spice Girls star - who has daughter Bluebell, 14, with ex Sacha Gervasi and son Montague, two, with husband Christian Horner - revealed how she puts her children first because time with them is "far more precious" than anything else.

She told the Sunday Times: "OK, as any working mother we're making decisions, we're all choosing. Here's an example: this morning, I'm meant to be getting ready, training for the tour. I got a call from the trainer.

"I said, 'Look, I've got a photoshoot, I'm busy,' but I knew I had a window. He said, 'Do you want me to come?' And I said no. I got up early.

"Monty was in his overalls, I put my yellow overalls on and I was out with the tractor with him. He's my workout. Go and run around with my child -- to me, that's far more precious and important."

However, the 46-year-old star - who will be hitting the road with her Spice Girls bandmates for a reunion tour this year - explained how important it is to strike a balance in preparation for the time when her kids what to do "their own thing".

She said: "There isn't a perfect way, but we're constantly negotiating, aren't we? In 16 years' time, [my kids] will be going off doing their own thing. If my whole identity's wrapped up in being a mother, then that's wobbly ground too."

Meanwhile, Geri previously admitted her marriage to Christian in 2015 was - alongside becoming a mother - the scariest thing she's done.

When asked what the bravest thing she's ever done has been, she said: "It's between getting married and having a baby. The bravest things are the most beautiful. When I do something that's out of my comfort zone, I feel fantastic. I'm afraid all the time, but I say a prayer and become brave. It doesn't mean I'm not scared."

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