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Gary Lineker talks to ex-wife Danielle Bux three times a day

Gary Lineker has called his former wife Danielle Bux his "best mate" and says he still talks to her three times a day.

Gary Lineker talks to ex-wife Danielle Bux three times a day


Gary Lineker talks to his ex-wife three times a day.

The 58-year-old football pundit has been single since the breakdown of his marriage to Danielle Bux, 40, in 2016, but says the pair are still "best mates" and talk to each other every day.

He told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Danielle and I are best mates, we still speak three times a day, we text all the time, when she comes to London she stays with me, and when I go to LA I see her.

"It's unusual, I know, but I get the best of both worlds."

Gary and Danielle split amicably because she wanted another child - she already had daughter Ella, 16 - and he didn't want to add to his brood, which includes sons George, 28, Harry, 26, Tobias, 23, and Angus, 22, from his first marriage to Michelle Cockayne.

And although Gary gets on well with both of his ex-wives, he has no plans to embark on a new relationship in the near future.

He said: "I've been married most of my adult life. I had two great marriages, but I'm enjoying doing what I want when I want, no issues.

"Maybe it's a bit selfish, but I intend to stay that way for a while, although who knows."

Danielle welcomed daughter Romy with Nate Greenwald in 2017.

Meanwhile, Gary recently revealed he does not have a very active sex life and barely dates.

He said "It's a stupid and horrible thing to say in a way, but I'm not massively into sex. I quite like flirting a little bit.

"Going on a date and then, yes, come on, let's do it. Do we really have to do all that? So I've hardly had any dates.

"I've had the odd one. But I'm straight right from the start. I say, 'I don't want a relationship; a nice dinner's fine'."

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