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Freida Pinto: I was too honest as a kid

'Slumdog Millionaire' star Freida Pinto has admitted she was "too honest" as a child.

Freida Pinto: I was too honest as a kid


Freida Pinto was "too honest" as a child.

The 34-year-old actress - who was born in Mumbai in India - has revealed that her parents were concerned that she was overly opinionated during her youth, and that she would be persevered as being "rude".

Freida - who starred in 2018's 'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle' - shared: "I was very candid; a bit too honest.

"When I was six or seven years old, there was this young boy, probably about 16, who sang a Christmas carol during Sunday mass, and he was terrible.

"He came over to wish the family happy Christmas and I said: 'Hey, you sang terribly at mass today, you shouldn't sing.' And my mum was like: 'Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed, I'm so sorry that my daughter is so rude.'"

However, Freida explained that, over time, she's learned to bite her tongue - even though it goes against her instincts.

Asked whether she'd be similarly blunt these days, Freida told the Guardian newspaper: "Of course not because I've been told not to do it, or I'll find a better way of putting it, but I was a bit too blunt as a child, and that was terrible. I hurt the poor boy's feelings."

Asked how the boy reacted, the 'Slumdog Millionaire' star said: "Apparently he was very upset. My mum told me he never sang again after that."

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