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Frankie Bridge's birthday freak out

Frankie Bridge "freaked out" about turning 30 but has admitted she was "silly" to worry.

Frankie Bridge's birthday freak out


Frankie Bridge "freaked out" about turning 30.

The former Saturdays singer - who has sons Parker, five, and three-year-old Carter with husband Wayne Bridge - admitted she felt worried about reaching the milestone last week but after having a "time out" with herself, she realised she wasn't as old as she felt and had a lot to be thankful for at this stage in her life.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "I was just freaking out. It was so silly - 30 used to feel so old to me. Now it's happened I've realised I've had a good career, I've got two lovely kids and a husband and I've not got much to feel bad about at 30.

"So I had a time out with myself and said, 'You need to get over it Frankie!'

"During my 20s, I learnt that you can't control everything and that definitely helps with my anxiety."

Frankie has spoken openly about her struggles with depression in the past and she admitted it frequently makes her feel like a "failure".

She said: "If you ask me today if I think I'm a failure I'd say no, but ask me tomorrow and I might say yes.

"That could be down to anything. I might feel like a failure in friendships, in relationships, with my kids, as a mum, at work, anything."

The 'Issues' hitmaker admitted over the festive period she had been struggling and was grateful for the support she received online.

She said: "It was the anti-climax after Christmas Day. I didn't know if I should still be drinking and eating loads or if I should be on the New Year health buzz.

"I didn't know what to do with myself. It was weird - I've never had that before at that time of year...

"[It lasted] about a week. It was just one of those things. I'm used to it now.

"When I put it on Instagram I worried I was putting a real dampener on everyone but the response was incredible.

"It made me feel better while making other people feel better."

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