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Frankie Bridge is a confident parent

Former Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge has learned to trust her own decisions as a parent and now no longer compares herself to other mothers.

Frankie Bridge is a confident parent


Frankie Bridge "couldn't care less" what other people think of her as a parent.

The former Saturdays singer used to "question" herself when she "first became" a mother but now she has learned to just focus on her family and herself and ignores the opinions of others.

Writing in Closer magazine, Frankie said: "When I first became a mum, I used to panic and question myself, and constantly stress if what I was doing was right.

"I used to get really worried about what others around me were thinking, or what trolls would say online. I'd overthink a lot - now I couldn't care less!"

Frankie is mother to two sons, Parker, six, and Carter, four, who she has with her husband, retired England soccer player Wayne Bridge, and after being a mum for several years she has accepted she is on her "parenthood journey" and is happy to come up with her own rules and methods of discipline for her kids.

One thing the 'What About Us' hitmaker is not concerned about is limiting the about of time the boys spend using their tablets and watching television.

Frankie, 30, said: "Everyone has had their own parenthood journey, and has their own way of doing things. My kids have iPads and watch telly, because that works for them as a family. Other families may not have those rules, but who cares? No one should judge anyone else's parenting techniques."

Frankie accepts he is "rubbish at being strict" and she has to rely on Wayne, 39, to be the "bad cop" in her house.

She shared: "I'm definitely the good cop parent in our family. I'm rubbish at being strict - if the boys ever cry, I'm immediately like, 'Oh, come here for a cuddle.' My husband Wayne is the 'bad cop', and he's very good at keeping them in line. But, like I said, that works for us, and all parents should be able to do things their way without being judged."

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