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Former Bond girl Susie Vanner tips Idris Elba to be next 007

Susie Vanner would love to see Idris Elba take on the role of James Bond when Daniel Craig leave the franchise.

Former Bond girl Susie Vanner tips Idris Elba to be next 007


'The Spy Who Loved Me' star Susie Vanner has tipped Idris Elba to be the next James Bond as he's "very strong and beautiful".

The actress famously shared a sexy encounter with Sir Roger Moore's Bond when she played a beautiful Russian agent in the 1977 movie, with their romp on top of a sheep skin rug regarded as one of the franchise's most iconic love scenes.

Vanner was asked who she would like to see take over as 007 when Daniel Craig ends his tenure as the suave spy in next year's 'No Time To Die', and she was all for the 'Luther' star stepping in Bond's shoes.

Speaking at the launch of London Cabaret Club's Bond-themed show, 'London Never Dies' at Bloomsbury Ballroom this week, Sue said: "Maybe, that could work. But it's still got to stay traditionally British. He's very strong and he's beautiful, so that could work."

It's been 42 years since Vanner starred in the franchise, but she still watches every movie and will definitely be watching next year's film.

She said: "Yes I will and I do. I've watched every single James Bond."

Vanner recently admitted she doesn't want there to be a female Bond as she believes the movies should always stay true to the character author Ian Fleming created in his books which have inspired the film series.

She said: "They are amazing actresses around that could play a strong role like 007, for instance Jodie Cromer is fantastic. But I really don't think I want James Bond movies changed to that degree. It's changing the whole storyline that Ian Fleming wrote and I love the tradition and history of it all, it means so much, the storylines and characters reflect the time of when it was written."

Before becoming an actress, Vanner began her career as a singer releasing records under the name Sue Lynne and her singles 'Don't Pity Me' and 'I Need Your Love' are considered Northern Soul classics.

Vanner has returned to first love music and has recorded an album with frequent Sting and Gary Numan collaborator Kipper which will be released next spring.

Her current single 'Walk On The Wild Side' is available now.

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