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Emma Bunton says Spice Girls will tour and perform when the time is right

Emma Bunton has revealed what the future holds for the Spice Girls and insisted they will tour and perform when the time is right.

Emma Bunton says Spice Girls will tour and perform when the time is right


Emma Bunton says the Spice Girls will always "be a unit" and reunite when it's possible.

The 43-year-old singer - who is known as Baby Spice in the 'Viva Forever' group - has admitted that it can be "difficult" for them organise stuff because they each have families and other commitments, but it's possible they will do more tours or one-off performances in the future when the time is right.

Asked what is in store for the 'Wannabe' hitmakers, Emma told BBC Radio 2: "We talk about it all the time.

"We are very close.

"We've all got all of our family, our kids, and we love doing stuff together, but it is difficult getting us all to get together to approve things and to make sure we all want to do the same thing.

"But we will always be that unit and we sometimes go, right, let's tour, and sometimes do a gig, let's do an animation film ... so they are the kind of things going on at the moment."

Emma also revealed that she suffered "a slight case of pneumonia" and "crashed and burned" after performing in the rain several nights on their 'Spice World 2019 Tour' earlier this year, but it was her "favourite" tour they've ever done.

She said: "I absolutely loved it, but I crashed and burned after.

"This is what the doctor said, 'A slight case of pneumonia.'

"It was so amazing and such a high, but we did dance a lot in the rain and it was full on.

"So afterwards I was a bit like, 'Ugh, I'm done.'"

The reunion shows saw Emma joined by Mel B (Scary), Geri Horner (Ginger) and Mel C (Sporty), with Victoria Beckham (Posh) opting to sit out the run.

However, Emma recently admitted her absence wasn't felt too strongly on stage.

She said: "We all just love Victoria to bits. But doing this show without her helped us to feel confident as a four-piece. It was an amazing experience and we would never ever force Victoria to come back.

"We feel settled - so if we stay as a four, we feel comfortable performing. We love performing together."

The 45-year-old fashion designer had been expected to appear at one of the group's London shows but Emma insisted no one was upset when she didn't join them.

She said: "She was away, so couldn't come to the show, but she sent us the biggest bunch of flowers."

While the 'Stop' singers haven't announced any further plans since the tour wrapped in summer, Emma, 43, has teased new music is on its way when the quartet can find the time to get into the studio together.

She said: "Stuff is bubbling under. We are all mothers. We know it's important to be with our children. And we are four different personalities.

"I'd like to kick some of the girls up the bum though, to get things moving...

"We have talked about new music. I wish I could say more. We are looking at co-writers. We are looking to do this animation project next year.

"I talk to the girls all the time, we're letting it bubble away."

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