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Elisabeth Moss and Susan Sarandon to star in Call Jane

Elisabeth Moss and Susan Sarandon will star in an upcoming women's rights drama titled 'Call Jane'.

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Elisabeth Moss and Susan Sarandon to star in Call Jane


Elisabeth Moss and Susan Sarandon are set to star in the women's rights drama 'Call Jane'.

The upcoming film will be helmed by 'Orange Is The New Black' director Sian Heder and Elisabeth, 36, will also serve as producer alongside Robbie Brenner, David Wulf, and Kevin McKeon.

The film centres on housewife Joy, played by Elisabeth, whose life is threatened when she falls pregnant and so turns to an underground abortion movement, called the Janes, where she meets Virginia, who is portrayed by Susan.

The 'Handmaid's Tale' star said: "I'm so excited to be bringing this beautiful script to life with Sian and Robbie and to be working with Susan, who I admire tremendously.

"The Jane Collective is an important and fascinating part of our history, especially for women."

Elisabeth also explained how the "frighteningly relevant" story will be an "honest and brave film" with the help of the director.

She said: "We see their story unfold through the eyes of Joy, a complex character who represents many women caught between one period of time and the next.

"It's also frighteningly relevant and timely to be telling this story right now and I know, with Sian at the helm, it's going to be an honest and brave film."

Producer Robbie insisted that her aim is to tell "meaningful and provocative stories" while still inspiring audiences with "honesty and relatability".

She added: "As a woman and a mother of two girls, I feel a responsibility with 'Call Jane' to tell the incredible story of these brave women at a time when women's rights and empowerment hangs in the balance.

"I have no doubt that Sian will craft a beautiful and important film with our dedicated and amazing cast, Elisabeth and Susan."

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