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Duchess of Sussex approached for Drag Race UK

RuPaul wanted the Duchess of Sussex to be a guest judge on 'Drag Race UK'.

Duchess of Sussex approached for Drag Race UK


The Duchess of Sussex was asked to be a guest judge on 'Drag Race UK'.

RuPaul wanted the former actress to appear on the panel to critique the hopefuls on a performance inspired by her husband Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, but she was heavily pregnant with their son Archie, now four months.

However, there is still an open invitation for the duchess to appear at a later date.

RuPaul said: "So, the invitation is still open for season 2. Meghan's arrival in the royal family marks a whole new era. I like the way she challenges the norm."

The 58-year-old star admitted he has always wanted to be famous but didn't know what would catapult him into the spotlight when he was younger.

He told the Sunday Times magazine: "I grew up believing I was going to be famous. I just didn't know for what."

He first saw drag in 'Monty Python' and 'Some Like It Hot' but it was a TV show about a boy who disguises himself as a girl and ended up as a huge supermodel which had a "huge impact" on him.

He said: "It had a huge impact on me. My first thought was 'That's a dude. Like, how in the world?' The premise of it was so shoddy, as in, how is it no one can tell?"

However, RuPaul didn't try drag himself until years later and admitted there would have been a "danger "in walking around New York in the 1980s but he feels "very lucky" to have evaded real trouble.

He said: "Yeah, there was danger, but I ran real fast. I know people who have been beaten up. I've had bottles thrown at me, but I've been very lucky ... I have a sense of looking around and seeing where the danger is.

"There's a sweetness about me, and that's something I've learnt to work with. I was never bullied, I learnt how to navigate out of that stuff."

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