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Duane 'Dog' Chapman suffering from pulmonary embolism

Duane 'Dog' Chapman's hospitalisation was caused by a pulmonary embolism, which can be "life-threatening".

Duane 'Dog' Chapman suffering from pulmonary embolism


Duane 'Dog' Chapman's hospitalisation was caused by a pulmonary embolism.

The 'Dog's Most Wanted' star was admitted to hospital two weeks ago after suffering from chest pains, and has now discovered he was battling a pulmonary embolism, which is a "life-threatening" condition in which one or more arteries has been blocked by blood.

Duane - whose late wife Beth Chapman passed away following a battle with cancer three months ago - learned of his diagnosis during an episode of 'The Dr. Oz Show' which is due to air on Monday (30.09.19), in which the doctor tells him he is a "ticking time bomb".

Dr. Oz said in a preview clip: "You're a ticking time bomb. You're not going to be here with the heart the way it is right now. Fear of death is normal. I'm surprised you don't fear death when you're chasing after convicts. But when you run away from doctor, that means you have to do your own doctoring."

And speaking after the diagnosis, the doctor claims Duane, 66, was "denying care that he knew would be life saving", because he was "fearful" of what might happen, especially without Beth to keep him "balanced".

Oz told People magazine: "[Duane] was fearful. Beth had been his north star. She was the one that would go with him and keep him balanced so he could deal with these things. Losing her took away his biggest support.

"I said, 'What would Beth do.' What would she say to you? I don't think she'd be happy with what you're doing. You're throwing away your life, you're throwing away your ability to parent your kids. You have to man up.' That's what she would say."

Although Dog is weary of doctors and hospitals, he eventually agreed to be treated for his condition.

He added to the publication: "I hesitated for a minute thinking, I don't want to have to go through this again. I don't want to die right now. I'm not afraid to die anymore, but I really didn't care for awhile if something would happen. I do care now."

The 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star is now on blood thinners and is enjoying a healthy diet, as well as trying to kick his smoking habit.



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