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Dev Hynes to drop debut classical album

Dev Hynes - aka Blood Orange - has announced his first classical album, 'Fields', is set for release on October 11.

Dev Hynes to drop debut classical album


Dev Hynes has announced his first classical album.

The 32-year-old producer - who releases music under the moniker Blood Orange - has worked on 13 tracks for the record 'Fields', which is set for release on October 11, and features the Chicago-based Third Coast Percussion ensemble.

The classically trained musician said: "This was the first time I've written music that I've never played, and I love that.

"It's something I've always been striving to get to. Seeing what Third Coast Percussion had done with these pieces was magical."

Dev's classical debut will follow the release of his recent EP, 'Angel's Pulse', released in July, which he mixed and produced himself.

Alongside the artwork, he wrote on Instagram: ""Angel's Pulse" (mixtape). Produced arranged & mixed by me. Friday 12th July (in 4 days) (sic)"

Dev explained that he always has a bunch of tracks that never see the light of day after he releases an album and he usually doesn't bother releasing them, but this time he decided to let his fans hear the "epilogue" to his studio effort.

He said in a statement: "I have a habit through the years of making records that I just give to friends, or on tape to people on the street, or no one.

"Usually this material is made directly after the album I've just put out.

"Somewhat of an epilogue to the thing I've made before. This time ... I decided to release it.

"I put as much work and care into it as I do with the albums I've released, but for some reason trained myself into not releasing things the rate at which I make them.

"I'm older now though, and life is unpredictable and terrifying ... so here you go mates."

Dev returned last year with his fourth record, 'Negro Swan', which focused on his difficult childhood growing up in Essex, England, as one of few African immigrants at the time.

He said previously: "If 'Freetown' was delving into my parents from my eyes, being younger and now, this one is definitely me looking at my younger self, growing up in that setting. So yeah, it's a little dark."

As well as releasing his own music, Dev has produced tracks for the likes of Charli XCX, Solange Knowles, Kylie Minogue and Haim.

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