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Danniella Westbrook ends friendship with Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona is said to have been left shocked after her former great pal Danniella Westbrook ended their friendship.

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Danniella Westbrook ends friendship with Kerry Katona


Kerry Katona has been left shocked after Danniella Westbrook ended their friendship.

The former 'EastEnders' actress is said to have called Kerry from rehab - where she is receiving treatment for her cocaine addiction - to call off their friendship after Kerry spoke out about her on 'Loose Women'.

A source told The Sun Online: "Kerry was horrified when Danniella called her from rehab and started having a go at her. She was furious that Kerry had spoken about her on 'Loose Women' and says she shouldn't have said anything. Kerry was so upset as she's always been very, very supportive of Danniella and has only ever said nice things about her. Kerry's blocked Danniella on all social networks and blocked her number as Danniella's son Kai called her too saying that she'd upset his mum. It's just so awful as Kerry considered Danniella a friend and it's all come out of nowhere."

And in a series of scathing tweets, Danniella has fumed at Kerry for "making money" out of her.

In one tweet, she wrote: "your no inspiration 2 me ... thanks 4 money out of me whilst I'm getting well. Maybe next time stop ya jaw swinging on @loosewomen (sic)"

Whilst in another tweet, she added: "She only has loyalty to what makes her money and pays for what she needs.. she bangs on about being in recovery & gets tipsy on @CelebsGoDating last night.. clearly relapsed from her 12 step program #HopeSheFindsHerWay (sic)"

Kerry has yet to make any responses on social media, only to say it was "another BS story!!!! (sic)"

Danniella had previously thanked Kerry for being "a friend and a mentor" to her.

She said: "We have had such parallel lives ... and I think it's a wonderful thing. I had 13 years clean and have relapsed along the way but to have a friend in Kerry and a mentor in Kerry. And if women could be positive and come together and stop judging and help each other that would be a great thing."

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