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Damien Chazelle 'still processing' Oscars mix-up

La La Land' director Damien Chazelle says he is "still processing" the Oscars 2017 Best Picture mix-up.

Damien Chazelle 'still processing' Oscars mix-up


Damien Chazelle is "still processing" the Oscars 2017 Best Picture mix-up.

The 33-year-old director's movie 'La La Land' was initially called out as the winner of the prestigious award when presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope but Damien says he knew immediately something was wrong.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "[After the announcement] I was confused because I couldn't actually hear anything. You're surprised how little you hear onstage, even if you're right behind someone who's speaking at the microphone. I couldn't hear a single thing. I could just see some commotion happening and I thought, 'Oh, OK, there must be some - whatever.'

"Then it became clear that there was some sort of mistake. The whole thing was very odd. A bunch of the folks from Moonlight started coming up, and a lot of them were people I had gotten to know through the season or friends from years ago. In a way, through the surreal-ness of it, there was also something nice, that kind of overlap."

Speaking about 'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins, whose movie was the actual Best Picture winner, he said: "All of us are still processing it."

Meanwhile, Damien admitted he is a "socially anxious" person and he misses having time to write new material.

He said: "I just have that social anxiety built into my DNA. I'm a stresser. I get nervous. I'm that type of person, and a neurotic and a workaholic, too.

"I never thought I would say this, because when I was spending all my time writing I thought

it was torture. I mean, writing was a means to an end. I was writing in order to have something to direct. So I'm surprised that now I find myself really craving to just sit in a room all day writing. I'm longing for the things that I used to long to get away from. I really miss living in the world of ideas."



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