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Courteney Cox is 'married in her heart'

Courteney Cox revealed that even though she isn't married to Johnny McDaid, it feels like the couple have already tied the knot.

Courteney Cox is 'married in her heart'


Courteney Cox is "married in her heart" to Johnny McDaid.

The 54-year-old actress opened up about her relationship with the Snow Patrol musician - who she was engaged to in 2014 before the pair split up and then reconciled - and although the couple aren't married yet the 'Friends' actress feels like they're already husband and wife due to the strength of their romance.

Speaking to People, she said: "We're not married; I'm married in my heart."

Johnny, 42, admitted that Courtney is always on his mind and he expresses his strong feelings for her through poetry.

When asked whether the couple had had a wedding ceremony, he said: "We have one every morning when we look at each other.

"My thoughts are never without Court. She's my best friend. She's my partner, in everything. When I write her poems, it's just an extension of how I feel every second anyway, and that's true for me."

The pair also revealed that they will spend Christmas together with Courtney's 14-year-old daughter Coco - from marriage to David Arquette - but admit they haven't got any set plans as they don't want to be "boxed in".

Johnny said: "We get together. That's our tradition. We don't really have anything laid in stone because that would box us in. We just get together and see what happens.

Courteney added: "We hang out, sing songs, play music, eat and drink ... and be together."

The actress joked about creating a Christmas album with her daughter who she thinks is a "fantastic singer" however shared that she still encourages her daughter to pay attention to her school work.

She said: "Coco is really a fantastic singer. But it's like make sure you do your homework because this is not going to pay your bills... necessarily."



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