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Coleen Nolan's dogs are better companions than a man

Coleen Nolan has revealed that her four dogs are easier to "live with" than a man because they "don't want anything from you" other than some affection.

Coleen Nolan's dogs are better companions than a man


Coleen Nolan would rather share her home with her four dogs than a man.

The 53-year-old TV star is single again following the end of her 10-year marriage to her ex-husband Ray Fensome in 2018, and Coleen insists her four-legged friends are much easier to "live with" because they "don't want anything from you".

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (22.01.19) about her mutt mates, Coleen said: "To be honest, the thing is with dogs, they're so happy when you come home, they're much easier to feed, you know, they're good at grooming themselves.

"So the thing with dogs is they give you unconditional love and they don't want anything from you - except feeding and loving and they won't sit there and say, 'Oh you're putting on a bit aren't you!'"

And Coleen joked that the measures you can take to control naughty canines would also work well on guys.

She quipped: "And when they do get on your nerves you can either re-home them or take them to the vet and you can castrate them legally! They've no say in it!"

Although she is currently single, the 'I'm In the Mood for Dancing' hitmaker previously confessed she has been asked out by a host of younger guys via Instagram.

However, Coleen has so far spurned the chance to date one of the youthful hunks because she wouldn't feel comfortable dating a guy who she's old enough to have "given birth" to.

The-mother-of-three spilled: "I have had a couple of offers [on Instagram] but they're all young and I think, 'If I was Coleen Smith from up the road, you wouldn't be messaging me,' it's because I'm on telly because there's no way a man of your age is gonna look at me and go 'Phwoar, she's fit!'

"No, I couldn't go for someone too young, well anything younger than my eldest son who is 30. I say if I could have given birth to them, I couldn't go out with them ... And also being with someone that young would make me feel older. They'd be like, 'Do you want to go out this weekend?' And I'd be like, 'No, 'Dancing On Ice' is on."

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