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Clara McGregor reveals addiction, rape and depression in Instagram post

Ewan McGregor's daughter, 23-year-old model Clara, has revealed her pill addiction, rape and depression in a bid to help others avoid the stigma.

Clara McGregor reveals addiction, rape and depression in Instagram post


Ewan McGregor's daughter Clara has opened up about her pill addiction, rape and depression in a revealing open letter.

The 23-year-old model - whose mother is 48-year-old Ewan's former wife Eve Mavrakis - took to Instagram to reveal her personal battles in a bid to help others avoid stigma and encourage them to seek help.

She captioned the post: "This was really hard for me to open up about so go easy on me, lil moment of honest in hopes that it can help others feel less alone. This past year I dealt with addiction, I got sober, and I dealt with a great deal of depression and anxiety I had an abusive relationship, I had an abortion the list goes only. Anxiety has been something Iv lived with since I was 4 years old. Iv been having panic attacks since I was a child and I didn't know that I could live my life without this crippling fear. I didn't know there was a way to get better. But there is. Help yourself so others can help you too. And never be ashamed to talk about it (sic)."

Clara went on to say: "I want to take this time to talk about mental health. Iv been so ashamed of some of my mental health issues that I haven't even wanted to tell friends. Iv suffered from crippling anxiety since I was 4 years and gone through my fair share of depression. Iv gone to therapy since I was a kid and I am so grateful for what therapy and psychoanalysis has done for me. Iv worked on myself and continue to do so. I deal with past trauma, some more recent than others. My anxiety has stopped me from living the life I want to lead. It was a cage I was stuck in and still struggle to get out of. I got on medication such as Lexapro which helped a great deal. I opened up about it and got the help I needed. I was told by a doctor 'you don't have to live this way' and he was right. Iv also struggled with substance abuse due to my anxiety it led me to Xanax and I'm proud to say Iv been clean and sober off of pills for 110 days. I went to Cirque Lodge for a little while to get myself on track and met the most wonderful people who changed my life (sic)."

Clare explained that she used to be "ashamed" of her addiction and her mental health issues but she has finally come to appreciate herself.

She said: "I was so ashamed of my addiction, of my anxiety and depression. I was ashamed of the abuse I had let happen to me. I blamed myself for the bruises, the black eyes, the rapes and for the attacks a man did to me. But I'm regaining this power now. Iv had a hard year Iv been figuring out who I am but I feel so loved and blessed with where I am now. Thank you to those who helped me through my darkest times. You know who you are (sic)."

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