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Christine Lampard wishes her parents lived near her

Christine Lampard has admitted she would love for her parents to live in London rather than Norther Ireland rather than so they could be a big part of her 11-month-old daughter Patricia's life.

Christine Lampard wishes her parents lived near her


Christine Lampard "would do anything" to have her parents live nearby her in London so they could be a regular fixture in her daughter's life.

The 40-year-old television host has 11-month-old daughter Patricia with her husband, Chelsea FC manager Frank Lampard, and she admits she often finds herself wishing that her mother and father, Mina and Frederick Bleakley, were "round the corner" so they could support her and help raise her child.

Speaking on ITV show 'Loose Women' on Thursday (22.08.19) during a segment about grandparents providing school holiday child care, she said: "In my set up, of course, my parents are still back home in Northern Ireland and I would do anything to have them round the corner, not just to dump children on them by any means, but just to have them in her life all the time.

"I think it's a lovely thing and if your parents can be part of looking after them [your kids] to have their influence and to have them growing up knowing who their grandparents are. To have that link I think is an incredible thing, if it works properly."

This is not the first time that Christine has used her panellist position on the programme to talk about how much she has found herself missing Northern Ireland and her family since she became a parent in September 2018.

The presenter previously stated: "I'm lucky enough that my parents were there and very much part of that the sort of massive day. But since giving birth, I've missed home terribly just because my parents are back home in Northern Ireland ... It makes you fully appreciate what your mum and dad have been through with you and you want your parents to be very much a part of it and she's the first grandchild in our family so she's very much adored."

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