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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had 'actual fight' over pizza rolls

Chrissy Teigen filled in her fans on an argument she had with John Legend when the singer ordered the wrong food.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had  'actual fight' over pizza rolls


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had an "actual fight" over pizza rolls.

The 33-year-old model was left disappointed when she trusted her 40-year-old husband to order her favourite childhood pizza because a miscommunication with the 'Ordinary People' hitmaker meant the singer ordered completely the wrong thing.

Tweeting to her 10.8 million followers, she said: "I am having a Totino's craving. I don't want a great pizza. I want a pizza from my childhood, with sliced fresh tomatoes on top.

"He said 'how many boxes do you want' and I said first of all loser it's in a bag now. So we Postmate some.(sic)"

The 'Lip Sync Battle' host went on to explain how she and John got into a heated debate about the best way to "ensure crispness" while they waited for their order, with Chrissy believing the pizza should go on the rack and the 'All of Me' singer insisting it should be cooked in a pan.

She continued: "Pizza still 20 minutes out, he goes 'do you want the tomato on top of it' and I was like no idiot under it, yes it goes on top.

"We talk about my childhood a bit. How this pizza shaped my life no big deal. We get the notification. John yells 'it is herrrre!!' Like Oprah. (sic)"

However it turned out John had misunderstood her and ordered pizza rolls instead of pizza, and Chrissy wasn't happy about it revealing: "this is an actual fight now".

She added: "It's pizza rolls. He has no idea Totino's makes pizza. But more importantly, he thinks I am so stupid I would think tiny pizza rolls go directly onto the rack and that I would want tiny slices of fresh tomato on a god damn singular pizza roll"

The brunette beauty then shared a video of herself trying to prove her point by throwing the pizza rolls through the gaps in the oven rack.

However, the couple - who have children Luna, two, and Miles, eight months - resolved their conflict and Chrissy ended the saga by posting a selfie, taking a bite out of a pizza topped with a slice of tomato.

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