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Charli XCX was 'really affected' by music leak

Charli XCX felt "really sad" when her third album leaked online in 2017 and admitted it affected her "quite a lot".

Charli XCX was 'really affected' by music leak


Charli XCX says having her music leaked online "really affected" her.

The 'Gone' hitmaker was forced to rewrite her entire third studio album - the follow-up to 2014's 'Sucker' - after the songs started to spread around the web and be shared among her fans, and she has admitted that it was "really sad" and might be why she now drops new tunes so frequently now.

In an interview with GQ Hype, Charli said: "You say a few songs here and there, it was all my songs ever made."

However, the 27-year-old singer can understand why her fans would do it - but it made her feel like she had no ownership over her own music.

She continued: "They feel they just want the music and that leaking it is helping me.

"I didn't really talk about it because I didn't want to encourage more of it, but you know, having your work stolen is really sad.

"It made me feel like I didn't own it anymore."

Asked if that is why she drops singles so quickly now, the 'Fancy' star replied: "Maybe subconsciously. I think it really affected me quite a lot."

Her music still continues to leak, with unreleased track 'Come To My Party' making its way online recently.

When her third album leaked, Charli insisted it hadn't set her back too much, as she is such a speedy songwriter.

She said: "My email got hacked and people leaked most of it, so I think I'm just going to start again.

"But that's fun for me, anyway I write fast so I'm not really worried about anything."

The British songwriter finally got to release her third album, 'Charli' - which features collaborations with the likes Lizzo ('Blame It On Your Love', Christine and the Queens ('Gone'), Haim ('Warm') and two with Troye Sivan ('1999' and '2099') - this month.

And she had so many tracks, she had to shelve a song she made with Grimes.

She said of the track: "We'd made a five-minute techno song, with no vocals. We need to figure that out."

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