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Charli XCX vows to stick around for a 'really long time'

Charli XCX has promised to keep making music for a "really long time" whether that is as an artist or songwriter.

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Charli XCX vows to stick around for a 'really long time'


Charli XCX has vowed to stick around for "a really long time" whether she is making hits or not.

The 'Gone' hitmaker says the one thing she has accomplished during her career is changing "the landscape of what pop music is", and she plans to continue making her own brand of pop music even if just for other artists.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard, she said: "I'm gonna be around for a really long time, whether I have number ones or not.

"Maybe I won't always be an artist.

'Maybe I'll be a songwriter.

"But I will have changed the landscape of what pop music is.

"I already have. I really believe that. I know it sounds really arrogant to look you in the eyes and say it, but I have."

The 27-year-old star recently released her "most personal" album to date, 'Charli', and she says it truly "encapsulates all sides of [her] as a person".

She said: "This is definitely the most personal album that I've made.

"Bet you've heard that a million times.

"I felt it was best to call it by my name because it really is an album that encapsulates all sides of me as a person."

And the 'Boom Clap' hitmaker insisted that making music that doesn't "sacrifice" her "artistic decisions" is more important to her than being "the biggest artist in the world", and admitted she finally feels like she has discovered who she is "as a person and artist".

She added: "I just want to be able to make the music that I want to make without having to sacrifice any of my artistic decisions.

"If continuing down that path leads to me being the biggest artist in the world or to me staying exactly where I'm at, that's cool.

"I don't ever want to become something that I'm not because I've done that before."

"I didn't even know myself properly as a person let alone as an artist. I think I've figured out who I am now."

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