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Charli XCX doesn't need a hit to feel 'creatively satisfied'

Charli XCX has admitted she could quite happily never have another chart hit as she has other passions that leave her feeling just as "creatively satisfied".

Charli XCX doesn't need a hit to feel 'creatively satisfied'


Charli XCX doesn't need a number one hit to feel "creatively satisfied".

The 27-year-old pop worried after the release of her 2014 LP 'Sucker' that she would have to make another banger like 'Boom Clap' - but she later discovered a passion for making music videos and and realised how fulfilling it is to pen songs for other people.

She told Q magazine: "I have a really unique and important voice.

"I"m ready to open that up, you know?

"And I am so much more than a pop star.

"With 'Sucker', I thought 'F**k! If I don't have another 'Boom Clap' everything's over'

"Even if I never made a song anyone liked ever again, there are so many other things I want to do now: directing vides, songwriting for other people, there's so much I feel creatively satisfied with."

Charli - who releases her third album 'Charli' on September 13 - recently told her fans she "doesn't care" if she is a "flop".

The '1999' hitmaker took to Twitter to address her chart status and admitted she isn't bothered by not having a hit because she is "f***ing iconic".

She wrote: "i'm kinda a chart flop recently but honestly lol if u think I care ... honestly, I'm f***ing iconic. (sic)"

The prolific star has released collaborations with the likes of Christine and the Queens ('Gone'), Lizzo ('Blame It On Your Love'), and BTS ('Dream Glow') this year, and recently revealed she has "loosely" discussed teaming with The 1975 and Robyn.

Matty Healy had revealed to fans recently that he had sent a "beat" to the singer and shared that it's a "monster tune".

And that's not all, Charli also revealed she and Grimes recorded a yet-to-be-released "techno banger" together, which didn't make Charli's upcoming self-titled LP.

She said: "I was loosely speaking to Robyn, and I was also loosely speaking to Matty Healy.

"And also Grimes and I did make a song for the album, and we really liked it and it was really good, but we made a techno song with no words.

"And I was going to put it on the album and then I just spoke to her and was like 'should we not be writing a pop song', and she was like, 'Yeah we should write a massive pop song'.

"So we were like we'll come back to that, cause it was like a techno banger. Hopefully we'll be able to revisit that."

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