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Cardi B's baby daughter Kulture can't stop saying mama

Card B and Offset's daughter Kulture can't stop saying "mama" despite her first word being papa.

Cardi B's baby daughter Kulture can't stop saying mama


Cardi B's daughter Kulture keeps saying "mama" instead of papa.

The 'Please Me' singer has shared a cute video of her seven-month-old daughter, with her face covered up with an emoji, repeating the word whilst her husband Offset attempted to get his little girl to call out for him by whispering "papa" to her.

Alongside the Instagram clip, Cardi wrote: "This what happens when you throw in my face that she said papa first now she can't stop saying mama @offsetyrn HA (sic)"

Kulture first said "mama" on Sunday (10.02.19) when her mother was awarded with her first Grammy for Best Rap Album for 'Invasion of Privacy'.

Cardi burst into tears and said "oh my God" after hearing her say the word.

She captioned the video of the adorable moment: "After a week of only saying papa !She saying mama! Happy 7 months Kulture ! We love you (sic)"

Cardi - who is getting her relationship back on track with Offset after they split briefly in December - had previously confessed she was concerned the tot might end up saying ''dada'' before ''mama''.

She tweeted: ''KK was watching Ric Flair drip on tv yesterday and she said ''Da'' .....If she says dada before mama imma feel very betrayed Henny got it on video too . (sic)''

Meanwhile, Offset surprised his wife by decorating their house with a series of floral tributes for Valentine's Day (14.02.19), including laying out pale pink roses which spelled out "I love Cardi B", and he also placed petals in her bath.

They then enjoyed a lobster dinner, before Cardi showed off her new diamond jewellery from the Migos star, including a dazzling necklace, bracelet and earrings.

The couple then went on a night out to a strip club together.

Cardi - who worked as a stripper before becoming a global rap sensation - shared a video of her throwing dollar bills at scantily-clad dancers as she documented their date night on her Instagram Story in the early hours of Friday (15.02.19).

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