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Cara Delevingne prefers being naked

Cara Delevingne is still interested in fashion but prefers to be naked.

Cara Delevingne prefers being naked


Cara Delevingne prefers to be naked.

The 'Carnival Row' star shot to fame as a model but her catwalk career has taken a back seat while she focuses on acting and though the 27-year-old beauty is still interested in fashion, clothes aren't her biggest interest.

She said: "I like clothes, just not all the time. I prefer to be naked - what can I say?"

And the 'Suicide Squad' star insisted she has always thought of herself as an actress rather than a model.

She told the i newspaper: "As a kid, I saw myself as an actress. I was such a little drama queen, always running around. Even before I began acting, I was so ready to do that."

While Cara - who is dating fellow actress Ashley Benson - has found it tough having to be more "vulnerable" on film, she also thinks it has been the "best gift" to her to have to do that.

She said: "On every film I learn so much and learn how much more I have to learn. In life I find it hard to be vulnerable. We all have a certain amount of armour that we wear walking around in life.

"I know I've had to do that a lot, so to be very vulnerable in front of people has been quite tough. That's why I love film, because it's about being more open with myself emotionally, and that's the best gift ever."

The 'Paper Towns' star hopes she can "make a difference" for young people and wants to be a good role model.

She said: "I'm lucky, because there are so many people I want to help, especially kids and generations to come. I really want to make a difference and be a good role model.

"I want to be a girl that girls can look up to. Because when I was younger there weren't enough strong women."

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