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Calum Best loses 'cupcake of blood' during cupping therapy

Calum Best has revealed that he thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of the gruesome therapy which left him with a large amount of blood extracted from his head.

Calum Best loses 'cupcake of blood' during cupping therapy


Calum Best "lost a cupcake of blood" when he underwent wet cupping therapy last year.

The 37-year-old reality TV star shared gruesome photos of the unconventional treatment - which involves a 45-minute massage and several small incisions in the body to drain out toxic blood in suction-like cups - on his Instagram account and now the hunk has revealed he felt as though he benefited a lot from the cupping.

Speaking to, Calum said: "This [photo of the treatment] caused a debate on my social media, but cupping is an ancient treatment that removes stagnant blood that wasn't flowing through you as it should do.

"It's so hardcore but I left feeling 10 times lighter, refreshed and with a cleaner system. I went back two months later to do it again and 10 times less blood came out which he said showed that my circulatory system has cleaned.

"Stagnant, unhealthy blood comes in to the cup, and as there is no air it coagulates straight away. It's like a stagnant goo. They put it in the top of your head and what looked like a cupcake of blood came out."

The former 'Celebrity Love Island' contestant also confessed that he sought the treatment after suffering pain from a recurring shoulder problem.

He added: "I thought if they have been doing this for thousands of years, there must be something right about it."

Calum Best was speaking to Tune in to Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Lucy, weekdays from 6am - 9am.

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