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Busted say making new album was 'therapeutic'

According to Busted, making their new album was a "therapeutic" process.

Busted say making new album was 'therapeutic'


Busted found making their new album "therapeutic".

The 'Year 3000' hitmakers - comprising Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson and James Bourne - recorded an experimental LP in 2016, 'Night Driver', but were glad to get back to their classic pop-punk sound on their latest offering 'Half Way There'.

Speaking to New! magazine, Matt said of making the album: "It was therapeutic. If you look back on our old albums, there's a lot I'd like to improve on.

"I love the band and I'm super proud of everything we've done, but there were certain wrongs I wanted to be made right and this record has done that."

James added: "We reckon people still want to hear that pop-punk sound."

It has been 17 years since the group released their self-titled debut record and they think the music industry has changed a lot since then, so they are delighted to have retained their popularity.

James explained: "We were around in a different era - things have changed so much.

"I didn't even have an email address when we first started.

"But to come back, release an album and sell out a tour, well, it's like everyone else has aged 15 years and there's us, back like nothing's changed. It's exciting."

Busted split in 2005 before reuniting in 2016 and Charlie admitted his wife Anna was stunned to realise just how big a star he'd been when she finally got to see him perform with the band.

He said: "She grew up abroad and had never heard of Busted.

"It was bizarre for her when we reformed, because even though it was a huge part of my life, it was something she had no experience of.

"When we brought her to the O2 Arena to show her the place we'd sold out, she couldn't believe it. She went f***ing mental."

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