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Bros to record new album documentary

Bros are planning to release a documentary about making their comeback album after the success of 'Bros: After The Screaming Stops'.

Bros to record new album documentary


Bros are set to film a new documentary about making their comeback record.

Matt and Luke Goss have seen a resurgence in popularity since the siblings' documentary 'Bros: After The Screaming Stops' aired last year, which looked at their bitter rivalry which led to their acrimonious split in 1992.

And after it was reported that the 'When Will I Be Famous' hitmakers are set to sign a huge deal with Warner Music, Luke has revealed they are planning to let the cameras roll once again to capture any "tension" in the studio, though he insists the project won't act as a sequel to the film.

According to the Daily Mirror, he said: "You have to hope for a little bit of tension. There should be a nice spiky energy in the studio.

"If you're all going down the same road, you're going to make a middle of the road album...

"It wouldn't be a sequel - that would take away some of the authenticity of the film itself."

It may come as a surprise that the pair are allowing their creative process to be filmed, as Matt previously admitted it was tough to make the film because it meant giving up his privacy.

He said: "We value our privacy most of all, which is why we've never milked our celebrity status for reality TV - so it was a fearful decision. This film nearly broke me. I didn't want to finish it at one point. I just wanted to go home. I had my life and I love singing but it was starting to get too painful and our relationship was in real jeopardy."

Since playing their 30th anniversary shows in 2017, the brothers - who will play London's O2 Academy Brixton on July 5 - have vowed to never break up again because they've realised that the "incredible journey" that they've been on with their fans made at the height of their fame, in the late 80s, isn't over yet.

Luke said previously: "We've made our decision that Bros will never disband again. We're still on an incredible journey with our community of fans. We are brothers for life."

Bros released three studio albums, 'Push', 'The Time' and 'Changing Faces' between 1988 and 1991.

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