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Brie Larson was 'overwhelmed' by Emma Stone's Oscars success

Brie Larson thought it was "overwhelming" when her pal Emma Stone won her Best Actress Oscar for her performance in 'La La Land'.

Brie Larson was 'overwhelmed' by Emma Stone's Oscars success


Brie Larson found Emma Stone's Oscars success "overwhelming".

The 29-year-old actress was "able to feel it more" when Emma, 30, won her Best Actress accolade for her performance in 'La La Land' than when she previously won the same award for her role in 'Room'.

Brie - who starred in 'Room' in 2015 - told The Hollywood Reporter: "I hated being alone in that moment, I was able to feel it more through [Emma] than I ever was able to feel it for myself.

"It's just too overwhelming. But seeing it from, like, your sister, I was able to just celebrate it and feel the love and acceptance of it in a way that I hadn't been able to before."

The 'Captain Marvel' star subsequently spoke about her work with Time's Up, which was created in light of the Hollywood sex scandal.

The '21 Jump Street' actress admitted that although there are still many obstacles that need to be overcome, she feels her work is effective.

Brie said: "Time's Up still takes up a solid amount of my time every day; we now have a lot of ways to try to hold ourselves and others accountable.

"We're also dealing with a lot of institutions - agencies, unions, studios. But I'm constantly getting emails that make me go, 'This is working.'"

Brie was also "stoked" by Disney CEO Bob Iger's response to the movement's recent initiative - which called on movie studio to hire more female filmmakers.

The Hollywood star was thrilled by Disney's ambition, which insisted that at least 40 percent of the studio's upcoming movie slate would be directed by women.

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