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Brie Bella 'working on' second child

Brie Bella is "working on" having a second child with her husband Daniel Bryan, and says they're having "a lot of fun" trying for another tot.

Brie Bella 'working on' second child


Brie Bella is "working on" having a second child.

The 35-year-old professional wrestler already has 20-month-old daughter Birdie Joe Danielson with her husband Daniel Bryan - whose real name is Bryan Danielson - and has said the couple are having "fun" trying for their second tot.

When asked by The Blast if she's been getting any sleep with a baby in the house, Brie replied: "No, actually," before her twin sister Nikki Bella added: "No, because Bryan wants baby number two!"

And then when pushed for an answer as to whether they were planning for a second child, Brie said: "We are working on it. We're having a lot of fun working on it."

Her comments come after she recently said she and her husband - whom she married in 2014 - were "talking about" having another child.

The 'Total Bellas' star said: "We're talking about it ... We're torn right now. He and I are like, 'Is this the right time? Is it not?' So we're going back and forth, but we definitely want a second."

Brie can't believe how old her daughter Birdie is getting, and she feels she will start talking soon.

She added: "So she's walking, so much gibberish is going on ... so I feel like she's gonna really start talking. She mimics everything you do, so we both have had to really watch our bad words ... She says it how Nicole and I will say it to each other when we hang out, because we'll always go, 'byeee!'" Brie continued. "So she's now telling everyone, she's going 'byeee!'"

And the wrestling star says she would be open to her daughter following in her parents' footsteps into wrestling in the future but just wants her to be happy whatever she does.

She told E! News: "When your child grows up and they want to be who you are - it just makes you feel like you did everything right, like you left a big impression. And I think it would be really neat for her to all of a sudden, you know, one day be a superstar and be like, 'Yeah! My mom was Brie Bella, my dad was Daniel Bryan."

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