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Brad Pitt to cut down on acting

Brad Pitt plans to make fewer movies because he has many other interests.

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Brad Pitt to cut down on acting


Brad Pitt plans to make "fewer" movies.

The 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actor is taking a step back from being in front of the camera because he's focused on his work with his production company Plan B, as well as hobbies including sculpting and landscaping.

He said: "It'll be fewer and farther in between for me, just because I have other things I want to do now.

"When you feel like you've finally got your arms around something, then it's time to go get your arms around something else."

But with the rise of streaming services, the 56-year-old star isn't sure how much of a future there is in long form story-telling.

He told the New York Times newspaper: "I'm curious to see if movies last, if movies stick around."

Brad enjoys producing because it means a much more simple day than if he's acting.

He said: "Producing just means you don't have to get up really early and put on make-up."

When he is acting in a movie, Brad wants his performance to come from a place of "absolute truth".

He said: "The ultimate place for my style of acting, as I understand it, is to get to a place of just absolute truth.

"I've got to be experiencing something that's real to me for it to read real to you."

And Brad suggested his marriage split from Angelina Jolie - the mother of his six children - informed his work on upcoming movie 'Ad Astra'.

He said: "I had family stuff going on. We'll leave it at that...

"The fact is, we all carry pain, grief and loss. We spend most of our time hiding it, but it's there, it's in you. So you open up those boxes."

Director James Gray added: "He definitely used the stimuli from his life.

"Now, I didn't get personal with him about it at all -- I don't think it's my business, or even my job -- but he investigated the essence of the character through himself."

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