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Boy George: Pop culture lacks original thought

Pop star Boy George has hit out at modern culture, saying it lacks "original thought".

Boy George: Pop culture lacks original thought


Boy George believes modern culture lacks "original thought".

The 57-year-old singer - who found global fame in the 1980s as part of Culture Club - has hit out at popular culture, saying it's "on a loop" and that it lacks originality.

He explained: "I feel like modern culture is on a loop.

"Every time I come out to promote something I'm answering the same questions over and over. I'm fascinated by how little original thought there is in the world."

The pop star - whose real name is George O'Dowd - also ridiculed the narcissism of the social media generation.

George claimed that young people have become overly concerned about their appearance, adding that pop culture has become "insane".

He told the BBC: "Everyone's looking in the mirror.

"Boys in their underwear, girls pouting, people with surgery faces. They're all promoting themselves. Pop culture is insane right now."

As a teenager, George used to worry about people liking him and earning the approval of others.

However, the 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker explained that over the last decade, he's stopped being concerned with "seeking approval".

He said: "When I was 19, I wanted everyone to like me, because fame is about seeking approval, and that means you're always at the mercy of what people think.

"I used to get really upset about negative comments or judgements, to the point where I'd ring people up or write them a letter, or even send them a fax, to set the record straight.

"But I think I've learned in the last 10 years to protect myself a bit more from my own reactions. Having the last word isn't necessarily such a great thing."

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