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Billy Porter's 'living his wildest dreams' after second Golden Globes nod

Billy Porter is thrilled that he's received his second Golden Globes nomination for his role as Pray Tell in 'Pose', and admitted it's even more of an accolade because he got the job being the real him.

Billy Porter's 'living his wildest dreams' after second Golden Globes nod


Billy Porter says he's "living beyond [his] wildest dreams" after picking up his second Golden Globes nomination.

The 50-year-old actor was in contention for the Actor in a Drama TV Series gong at this year's ceremony for his role as Pray Tell in the first season of FX series 'Pose', and he's been nominated for the prize once again for the second instalment.

Billy has admitted that these kinds of accolades are all the more poignant to him because he landed the part being his true "authentic" self and not pretending to be more "masculine" just to get work, like he did for the first two decades of his career.

Asked how it feels to be a two-time Globes nominee, he said: "I am living beyond my wildest dreams, actually. Interestingly enough, my dream didn't include me being authentic. I thought I had to fix myself to be successful.

"My masculinity was in question from the minute I could comprehend thought, so for the first 20-years-plus of my career, I was just trying to be masculine enough to get a job. I was trying to live up to society's standard of masculinity and get a job. I never knew it could look like this. So, that is what is really inspiring and fabulous."

The 'Noel' star - who became the first openly gay black man to win an Emmy this year - also admitted that "doors" have opened for him and people "listen" to him now he's won and been shortlisted for prestigious prizes.

He told E! News: "Yes, doors open to little black sissy boys when they have awards. Doors open, people listen, and your life does change a little bit."

'Pose' is returning for a third series, but Billy has insisted producers haven't told him anything about it just yet.

However, he vowed to continue drawing from his own real-life experiences and to step out of his "comfort zone" with his alter ego.

He said: "They don't let me know anything."

On what fans can expect from Pray, the Broadway star added: "Well, I was bringing myself to the character because I have already done that. In my life, I have already stepped out of my comfort zone, nothing has been comfortable for me for many, many years so I could pull from my own experience. So, that was good. It's nice when you can align to your own experiences with the character that you play."



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