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Billie Joe Armstrong hates long songs

Billie Joe Armstrong doesn't like "long" songs any more and refuses to listen to anything over three minutes.

Billie Joe Armstrong hates long songs


Billie Joe Armstrong doesn't like "long" songs any more.

The Green Day frontman may have written some lengthy tunes in the past, but the group's new album, 'Father Of All...' will see all but one of the tracks clock in at less than three minutes long.

The 47-year-old singer told Kerrang! magazine: "I've decided that I don't like long songs and that's coming from a band who wrote 'Jesus of Suburbia'.

"I'm like a 16 year old with ADHD. If I'm listening to other people's music, I always look at how long the song is.

"If it's over three minutes, I go, 'Urgh, pass. I don't wanna listen to that s**t.' "

The group are excited about the new "chapter" in their long career and are relieved that their new album plans are now out in the open.

Tre Cool said: "This definitely feels like a different chapter.

"We're fired up and stoked to go out. Until now, we've just been f***ing lying through our teeth to every single person. 'So what are you guys doing?' 'Uh, you know, nothing...'

"We're so f***ing happy to talk about it. It's just such a gnarly secret.

"We've got this record that we're so proud of and we just want to blast it for everybody."

Though the 'Basket Case' rockers hope their new record brings "freedom" to their fans, they admitted it was hard to make because of their conscious decision to do something different.

Billie Joe said: "Freedom totally. Freedom to dance.

"I think that this is going to be one of the hardest records we've ever made, meaning the sound is hard.

"But not trying to recreate 'Insomniac' or something like that. It's just different and that, to me, is super exciting."

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