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Bill Skarsgard gives Pennywise toys to baby daughter

'IT Chapter Two' actor Bill Skarsgard's daughter's bedroom is "filled" with scary Pennywise teddy bears.

Bill Skarsgard gives Pennywise toys to baby daughter


Bill Skarsgard's daughter's bedroom is "filled" with Pennywise teddy bears.

The 'IT Chapter Two' actor has received a lot of cuddly versions of his murderous clown alter ego and despite many people finding the notorious horror character terrifying, he's used them to decorate his 11-month-old little girl's room.

He admitted: "I've gotten a bunch of fun merch and stuff throughout the years, so her little baby room is just filled with Pennywise teddy bears."

Talk show host Stephen Colbert quipped in response: "That's nice. You're softening her up."

The presenter went on to advise his guest - who has his daughter with actress Alida Morberg - to "never let her see" the horror sequel.

The 29-year-old actor also admitted he had sought inspiration from "weird stuff" such as animal documentaries to prepare for his role in the movie series, which is based on work by legendary horror writer Stephen King.

He explained: "I draw inspiration from weird stuff. I just like watching these animal documentaries and so forth.

"And as I was preparing the character, I was like, 'Oh I guess he's a little bit of a hyena, a little bit of a grizzly bear.' ... Because of the lip, have you ever seen a grizzly bear scream with all the drool?"

After he finished filming the first 'IT' movie, Bill previously revealed it caused him to have nightmares for "weeks".

He said: "It was weird. I really enjoyed myself doing it, but the day after we wrapped, I went back home to Stockholm, Sweden, and it's always a weird experience when you work really hard on something and then you go back to regular life at your childhood home.

"And that's when I finally realised what an impact the character had had on me. For the following two weeks I would have these really disturbing dreams about Pennywise.

"It was very strange, it was almost like a really slow exorcism to completely let go of him."

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