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Big Narstie vows to have vasectomy after birth of second child

Big Narstie is planning to "get the snip" and have a vasectomy once his second child is born.

Big Narstie vows to have vasectomy after birth of second child


Big Narstie has vowed to get a vasectomy following the birth of his second child.

The 32-year-old grime MC already has a daughter with his partner and the couple are currently expecting another baby.

Narstie plans to "get the snip" and stop his sperm from swimming free after his tot is born because "two [kids] is enough".

Opening up about his expanding family, he said: "Can't wait. And that's when I'm going to get the snip. That's my lot. Two is enough."

The musician - who is set to appear in the second series of 'Gogglebox: Celebrity Special for Stand Up To Cancer' - is heading back to Channel 4 for a new series of his late-night entertainment series, 'The Big Narstie Show', alongside Mo Gilligan, who is also known as Mo the Comedian.

Although the first run was well received, the 'When The Bassline Dops' hitmaker has admitted that he found it hard to adjust to Channel 4's television rules when he first started shooting the programme.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Narstie added: "First and foremost I'm a musician. So I've always been in front of a camera, doing music videos and performing. But TV is a whole different angle. It's so much red tape, and its got it's own order to it.

"My first problem about doing 'The Big Narstie Show' was just adjusting to TV rules. At first, it started to p**s me off, but after I got the adjustments and the rules, I started to enjoy it. I'm fortunate, though. Channel 4 know I'm messed up. But they've got a soft spot for me."

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