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Ben Foden hopes to 'remain friends' with Una Healy

Ben Foden has reveled he plans to remain friends with Una Healy, despite their break-up in 2018.

Ben Foden hopes to 'remain friends' with Una Healy


Una Healy's estranged husband Ben Foden hopes they can "remain friends".

The 37-year-old pop star and Ben, 33 - who is a professional rugby player - announced their split in 2018, but he's revealed they remain on friendly terms, and he hopes that continues to be the case.

Ben - who has kids Aoife, six, and Tadhg, three, with Una - shared: "Our relationship is actually quite good. I stay at the family home whenever I want to see the kids.

"We're keeping it civil and hopefully we can remain friends. We'll always have a future because she's the mother of my children."

Ben is set to play rugby in New York over the next few months, and he expects the pop star is excited about the prospect of visiting the Big Apple.

He told Now magazine: "I signed for New York Rugby United so things are going to change. It's just exciting - a different change of pace, something that's really needed.

"I'm sure Una wouldn't mind a little holiday in New York. She'll drop the kids with me and then she can go and enjoy the sights."

Meanwhile, Una - who recently announced she is dating Irish hurler David Breen - has also admitted she hopes to maintain a good relationship with Ben.

The singer explained that although the break-up has turned her life upside down, she wants to be on good terms with Ben for the sake of their two children.

Una - who married Ben in 2012 - said: "Of course I want to stay friends with Ben. He's the father of my children and he's in my life forever, so hopefully one day we can be friends."



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