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Bananarama's 'love and friendship has been restored'

Bananarama's Siobhan Faley insists she and her bandmates Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward have restored their friendship, despite falling out almost 30 years ago.

Bananarama's 'love and friendship has been restored'


Bananarama's Siobhan Faley says the group's "love and friendship" has been "restored".

The 58-year-old singer - who is joined by Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward in the popular 80s trio - admits reuniting for their first tour together after almost three decades was "emotional" and happened in the early hours of the morning after a few drinks.

She revealed: "It was two in the morning, and lots of wine has been drunk, and we were all really emotional. The feeling of love and friendship had been restored. That night, we really felt it."

The reunion comes as a surprise for Siobhan as the group famously fell out when she left the group in 1988, and she admitted she felt "isolated" a year before she departed after her "painful divorce."

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I felt really isolated within the band for a year before I left. And they felt betrayed that I had left.

"It was every bit as intense as a marriage, but without the sex. So we stayed together longer than most marriages these days.

"It had been a real pressure cooker, the three of us being together 24/7 for years, it couldn't continue."

But aside from their previous fallout, the singer admitted she was excited for their upcoming comeback tour and insisted the reunion couldn't have come at a better time for her.

She said recently: "They just caught me at a time when I was really ... I was really touched because it wasn't for any other reason other than we love each other and we're really proud of what we did together and I was feeling really nostalgic and proud, and what a wonderful thing to celebrate."

As well as hitting the road again, it will be a race against the clock for the girls to get back into the studio together to write a comeback track.

Speaking to Chris Evans on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show on Monday morning (24.04.17), Keren, 56, revealed their plan to record new music but they only have one week to get Siobhan in the studio before she jets back to her home in Los Angeles.

She said: "The tour is the main thing. We have talked about maybe doing a song together that would be good. Siobhan lives in LA so we've got to grab her quick while she's over until the end of May."

Siobhan, 58, added: "We've got a week to write a single!"

When suggested that Ed Sheeran would be able to bash out a quick single for the band, they replied: "Get him on board, give him a call!"

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