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Bananarama: We should have reunited sooner

Bananarama wish they had reunited earlier than now.

Bananarama: We should have reunited sooner


Bananarama think it is "tragic" they have waited until now to reunite.

The 'Venus' hitmakers - Sara Dallim, Keren Woodward and Siobhan Fahey - are preparing to tour for the first time ever, almost 30 years after Siobhan quit the band, and they regret that it's taken so long as they've retained their friendship for some time.

Keren told Glamour magazine: "We've seen each other a few times over the past few years and we had a lot of fun."

Siobhan added: "It's been just like the old days. It's tragic, really, that we never got it together until now."

But the 'Love in the First Degree' singers think their gigs will be worth the wait.

Sara said: "We've never actually been on tour together so it's going to be really special."

Bananarama believe they "paved the way" for other successful girl groups, such as Spice Girls and Little Mix.

Keren said: "I definitely think we paved the way for other girl groups.

"We did it very much on our own terms without kowtowing to all the men in the business or being told what to do by anyone. For that we feel very proud."



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