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Bananarama split because they were 'immature'

Sara Dallin of Bananarama has admitted that the group originally split because they were "emotionally immature".

Bananarama split because they were 'immature'


Bananarama originally split because they were "emotionally immature".

The female pop group achieved significant success during the 80s, but Sara Dallin has confessed that she and the other girls, Siobhan Fahey and Keren Woodward, would argue over petty things.

She shared: "In the end it was little things like Siobhan taking 15 minutes too long to come down and get into a taxi which was waiting, and we'd all fall out over it.

"It's really because we were emotionally immature - whereas nowadays we'd just talk about it and deal with things properly.

"But instead we just went off in a huff, and didn't speak to each other, and it caused all those issues."

However, Sara stressed that moments of tension were generally "few and far bar between", insisting the band also enjoyed some great times together.

The singer, who has reunited with her bandmates for a comeback tour, told The Sun newspaper: "We just should have spoken to each other properly, but I didn't get to that point until I was in my 30s, and that's how it happened.

"Those moments really were few and far between for most of our time together. It was right at the end that it became a big issue and Siobhan walked away - until then we'd had so much fun together."

Meanwhile, Keren also admitted the group's arguments were petty - but she thinks it was a function of their youthfulness.

She said: "When you're so young it all seemed like such a massive deal.

"I look back now and I think about some of the rows, she left a pizza on the floor and there was a cockroach, and I wonder how that became such a big deal. The sulking was even worse than the rows."



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