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Bananarama reunite for new tour

Siobhan Fahey is returning to Bananarama for a new tour with fellow founding members Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward.

Bananarama reunite for new tour


Bananarama are reforming for a new tour.

Siobhan Fahey - who left the group in 1988 - will reunite with fellow founding members Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward for a UK tour in November and December.

A picture of the trio was shared on Bananarama's official Twitter page with the message: "Miss Fahey is BACK! We're so excited to be going on tour this Nov/Dec Sign up to our new website #Bananarama2017 (sic)."

Speaking to The Sun, Sara said: "We first had a chat about it over Christmas and before we knew it the whole thing snowballed. Keren and I called Siobhan to chat about it and things went from there."

Siobhan added: "By the time I managed to come over to talk about it, somehow it had become a done deal, the dates had been scheduled and we had a photoshoot arranged.

"It's pretty nerve wracking for me, it was 29 years ago that I left so I'm rusty to say the least.

"I didn't say 'yes' immediately, I was in complete shock but my heart felt a sense of absolute joy and I just felt it was the right time in my life.

"Emotionally it felt like something I needed to revisit, to go back to my roots and that time with my best friends.

"We're going to go back and celebrate that extraordinary life we led together in our twenties."

Siobhan quit the group in 1988 because she was frustrated with the direction it was taking and went on to form Shakespears Sister.



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