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Bananarama learning old dance routines

Bananarama have admitted it has been challenging trying to re-learn their old material and choreography for their big comeback tour with original member Siobhan Fahey.

Bananarama learning old dance routines


Bananarama have found it "hard work" re-learning their choreography for their upcoming reunion tour.

Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward have reunited with original member Siobhan Fahey for their first tour in almost 30 years, which kicks off in the UK in November.

The trio have been busy in rehearsals and admit it was been tough to recreate their dance routines for the concerts.

Sara told Billboard: "We've just started this week with the choreography. What you can remember when you were 20 - it's not quite the same now. And a lot of the music from the years that Siobhan was in the group is stuff we haven't done.

"When Keren and I tour we do other songs, the later stuff. So there's a lot of new stuff for all of us. It's hard work. I'm kind of panicking, but there's plenty of time. You have to wait to get into the swing of it."

Siobhan left the group, which formed in 1981, in 1988, to form Shakespears Sister.

Despite the huge gap since Siobhan was last with the group, the 'Venus' trio have been able to pick up their friendship with relative ease.

Sara said: "I guess when you meet someone very young - Karen and I were like 18 when we met [Fahey] - it kind of feels like family. Even if you've fallen out and you haven't seen someone for so long, there is that bond. We just slipped back into friendship again; in the last 10 years we've seen each other a couple of times a year. We would hang out and just have a great time, and all the kind of pettiness of youth and trivial stuff falls by the wayside when you get to 50."

The reunion tour kicks off on November 9 at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.



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