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Bananarama ask fans for set list ideas

Bananarama are asking fans on Twitter for their thoughts on what tracks they should play on their upcoming tour in December.

Bananarama ask fans for set list ideas


Bananarama have asked fans for help with the set list for their planned comeback shows.

The original line-up of the pop trio, Siobhan Fahey, Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, have reunited for a UK tour and new music almost 30 years after Siobhan left the group to start Shakespears Sister in 1988, and are struggling to choose the songs to play so have reached out to their 23,000 followers for suggestions.

They wrote on their official Twitter page on Tuesday (02.05.17): "If YOU were in control of the new Bananarama Tour, what songs would you have on the set list?! Comment below #Bananarama2017 (sic)"

Speaking about their decision to return to the music scene, Keren previously said: "Sara and I have done shows for years and years and never really stopped and just wanted to do something different - we've had stuff go on and we thought it's now or never and so I gave Siobhan a call and put the idea in her head but thought it was never going to happen but what do you know it did."

And when Siobhan was asked about why she had a change of heart about reuniting with the girls, she put it down to feeling nostalgic about her nine years with the girls.

She said: "They just caught me at a time when I was really ... I was really touched because it wasn't for any other reason other than we love each other and we're really proud of what we did together and I was feeling really nostalgic and proud, and what a wonderful thing to celebrate."

Bananarama sold 40 million records at their height of fame, including top 10 singles 'Really Saying Something', 'Cruel Summer' and 'Love in the First Degree'.

They will head out on a tour of the UK in November and December.

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