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Aston Merrygold's baby boy will be his best man

Former JLS star Aston Merrygold revealed his baby son Greyson - whom he shares with fiancee Sarah Richards - will be his best man when the couple tie the knot.

Aston Merrygold's baby boy will be his best man


Aston Merrygold's baby son will be best man at his wedding.

The former JLS singer got engaged to Sarah Richards in December 2017 - just weeks before they welcomed little Greyson into the world - and he's determined the 12-month-old tot will play a big part in their big day.

Asked if the toddler will have a role in the wedding, he told OK! magazine: "A hundred percent. Mum says he'll have the same suit as me.

"He'll be walking by that time and he'll be my best man."

However, the 30-year-old star admitted he and his bride-to-be have done very little towards planning their wedding because they get "distracted" so easily.

He joked: "We try and sit down and plan it but something always comes up and we get distracted. Right now we're saying, let's just go to Vegas and do it.

"We've got a rough idea of what we like and what we want but now we have to book it. Any wedding planner would be disappointed in what we've done."

Though the couple keep joking about eloping to Las Vegas, Aston admitted they don't really want to go to Sin City as they'd rather tie the knot at home.

He added: "We'd love to have it here, that would be the ideal.

"We've joked a few times, 'Let's go to Vegas and do it and then come back and have a party with everyone.' At times it does seem a real possibility."

Since becoming a father, Aston thinks his relationship has changed for the better.

Asked how parenthood has affected their relationship, he replied: "For the better. There are three of us now, full family - not that it wasn't before but we don't just have each other now."

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