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Amy Schumer hits back at critics

Amy Schumer has slammed critics who commented on her salary demands from Netflix.

Amy Schumer hits back at critics


Amy Schumer has hit back at criticism of her salary increase for Netflix.

The star initially negotiated an $11 million deal for 'The Leather Special' which will air on the streaming service but after discovering that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were each offered $20 million per special with the company, she went back and demanded more money, according to Variety.

When some people commented that Amy, 36, did not deserve to be in the same pay bracket as Rock and Chappelle, she took to Instagram to hit back.

She said: "Thanks for chiming in on what you feel I deserve to be paid. I believe women deserve equal pay. However, I don't believe I deserve equal pay to Chris and Dave. They are legends and 2 of the greatest comics of all time. I would like to say that I have been selling out arenas these last couple years. Something a female comic has never done. That's a big deal to me, especially because I know I do my best every night on stage for the audience and they have a good time. I didn't ask for the same as my friends. I did ask for more than the initial offer. I will continue to work my ass off and be the best performer I can be. The reports of me "demanding" or "insisting" on equal pay to them aren't a true. #fat #stealsjokes (sic)."

In the comedy special, Amy spoke about her weight and insisted she "feels sexy" despite being "what Hollywood calls very fat".

She said: "I'm what Hollywood calls, very fat. Before I did anything, somebody like explained to me, 'Just so you know, Amy, no pressure, but if you weigh over 140 lbs., it will hurt people's eyes. And I was like ['Okay.'] I just bought it. I was like, 'Okay, I'm new to town. So I lost weight.

"I look very stupid skinny. My dumb head stays the same size but then my body, like, shrivels and just look like a, like a Thanksgiving Day parade [balloon] of Tonya Harding. Nobody likes it. It's not cute on me.

"I got worried because it gets in your head - just everything on television and movies and magazines and the internet. All the women are just beautiful little skeletons with tits ... I'm like, 'Oh, my god! Are men still going to be attracted to me?' And that's when I remembered ... they don't care.

"I feel very good in my own skin. I feel strong. I feel healthy. I do. I feel sexy."

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