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Alessia Cara's Taylor Swift duet

Alessia Cara says performing with Taylor Swift "solidified" her belief that she wanted to be a musician.

Alessia Cara's Taylor Swift duet


Duetting with Taylor Swift "solidified" Alessia Cara's belief that she was born to be a performer.

The 22-year-old singer was invited by Taylor, 29, to join her on stage for a duet of 'Here' during Taylor's '1989 World Tour' in 2015 and Alessia was thrilled to perform in front of 55,000 fans.

She told HotPress magazine: "It was the first time I'd been introduced to so many people in one place. If anything it solidified my belief that this is what I want to do with my life."

Alessia also revealed that winning the Best New Artist gong at the 2018 Grammy Awards was "insane".

She said: "It's fairly insane to work for something and then have it happen very quickly and be confused about where you are at. I definitely did have my head screwed on, which I'm grateful for."

Alessia released her album 'The Pains Of Growing' in 2018 and while the record is deeply personal, she tries to keep her private life out of the public eye.

She said: "I get very personal in my songs. I almost forget people are going to hear them. Then a few days before the album comes out, I'm like... 'wait a minute!'. That said, I do keep part of myself to myself."

Alessia is currently on tour with Shawn Mendes and she compared the touring experience to high school.

She said: "My best friend is travelling with me. Shawn is around my age, and so is his best friend. In a way it's like a big school tour."

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