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Abbey Clancy reveals the 'secret' to her happy marriage

Model Abbey Clancy has claimed that having an independent life is the "secret" to her happy marriage.

Abbey Clancy reveals the 'secret' to her happy marriage


Abbey Clancy thinks having an independent life is the "secret" to a happy marriage.

The 33-year-old model - who is currently pregnant with her fourth child - has been married to soccer star Peter Crouch since 2011, but she believes that having her own interests and her own friendship group has been a crucial element to their happiness.

Abbey - who already has kids Sophia, seven, Liberty, three, and 12-month-old Johnny - told The Mail on Sunday's You magazine: "The secret to a happy marriage is you're not with each other 24/7.

"Although he's 38 now, so I think he'll have one or two more years of playing football. Then hopefully we won't kill each other being at home together all the time, or you'll be doing the divorce interview next."

Abbey previously said that her first three pregnancies caused everything to go "wrong" with her appearance.

The blonde beauty admitted to suffering a variety of different problems, including acne and hair loss, during her pregnancies.

Recalling her hair loss, she shared: "It was really scary - every time I got a shower, there was just clumps of hair coming out.

"Every time I brushed my hair, it would fall out. It happened throughout my pregnancy, and after giving birth. I was just thinking 'when is this going to stop? Am I going to be left with any hair?'

"It was scary, but the things we go through to have our lovely babies. You'd give your whole head of hair to have a healthy baby. But for anyone, hair loss can be a very scary thing."

Abbey also revealed her pregnancies caused her skin to breakout.

She said: "I really suffered in my pregnancies, and everything that could go wrong with your appearance, did.

"Obviously my hair fell out, then my skin just went mad and I was covered in spots - but literally as soon as the baby came out, my skin cleared up."

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